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At ASDramatics we want to provide a safe space for all of our attendees which is why our classes are planned with additional needs in mind.

We want to provide an accessible platform allowing everyone to join in with creative arts activities. We also wanted to make sure that this is available for all ages and therefore we have a separate class for those that are 19+.

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Meet the team


Founder & Director

Hi - I'm Emily!

I absolutely love chatting and getting to know people! I also love music, singing, dancing and watching Disney films, so ASDramatics is the perfect place for me! I can't wait to meet you all.

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Class Assistant

Hi - I'm Luke!

I love music and working behind the scenes of producing and mixing songs. I like to write my own music and enjoy helping others do this too! I am super excited to get to know all the members of ASDramatics and can't wait to watch some Disney films and play some fun games with you all!



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